• Bridge 13 Repaint Project

    Bridge 13 Repaint Project

  • Bridge 13 Repaint Project

    Bridge 13 Repaint Project

  • Bridge 13 Repaint Project

    Bridge 13 Repaint Project


Taramakau River




Nov 2012


May 2013



The Project

The Taramakau Bridge was originally constructed in 1889 as a critical link across the Taramakau River in the west coast of the South Island.

The bridge consists of six 36 metre steel trusses and a combined road rail deck. Due to the critical nature of the bridge, it was important it remained fully operational throughout the duration of the project.

The scope of the work involved a full restoration of the coatings system over the entirety of the steel structure. This included the design and modification of the existing access and containment system around the work area, followed by the removal of corrosion and the existing coating, and application of a zinc primer, two intermediate epoxy coats and a final urethane top coat.

The project team consisted of 30 employees, including skilled blaster/painters, carpenters, general hands, experienced foremen and a Site Superintendent and a Project Manager.

The design and physical location of the bridge brought with it a number of challenges to the project team during the planning and execution of the works.

The remote location of the site introduced logistical issues with respect to the supply and delivery of plant, equipment and materials, which meant sourcing from a variety of different locations.

Due to the our significant experience with protective coatings and working on difficult to access steel structures, a successful coatings solution for this particular asset was developed and implemented with a high quality result.

In addition to this, an effective access and containment system was also developed that has allowed our staff to continue to work safely on the structure and with minimal impact on the sensitive local environment.

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