• Te Uku Wind Turbine Maintenance Project

  • Te Uku Wind Turbine Maintenance Project

  • Te Uku Wind Turbine Maintenance Project




Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


4 years



The Project

The Te Uku Project has involved repairs to the 49m long blades, installation of power curve upgrade components and installation of a leading edge protection system.

The project is resourced with our specialised rope access blade technicians working alongside Siemens Gamesa personnel. The initial challenge was to resource the project with technicians possessing a highly specialised skill set. This was overcome by recruiting technicians from Europe who had the required competencies as well as sending our New Zealand rope access technicians to Europe to complete the specialist training required.

Accessing a work location between 30m and 80m from the ground will always present challenges. Safety, cost and quality all must be considered. All working at height access methods are affected by wind. The wind speed limitations mean that our technicians must be flexible in their working hours as well as efficient when the weather is favourable. The specific task being carried out also dictates the access methodology.

Rope Access is a quick and (if correctly managed) safe access method for inspection work and light tasks such as blade repair and PCU installation. TBS has a highly experienced team of IRATA rope technicians with blade repair competencies that can perform this work.

The leading edge protection (LEP) installation is a complex task requiring specialist equipment. Modified crane baskets with enclosure were found to be the best solution. TBS personnel were trained to communicate with the crane driver to position the work platform and assist Siemens Gamesa with the blade repair and LEP installation.

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