• Transmission Tower Maintenance

    Transmission Tower Maintenance

  • Transmission Tower Maintenance

    Transmission Tower Maintenance

  • Transmission Tower Maintenance

    Transmission Tower Maintenance


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$13 million per year

The Project

TBS’s Transmission Tower Painting Division is the largest and most experienced tower maintenance contractor in New Zealand. The division currently employs 50 full time equivalent staff and has over 80 years of industry experience in its top eight senior supervisors.

TBS is responsible for completing Transpower tower maintenance contracts in the North Island but is regularly engaged to carry out additional contracts across rest of the country. Maintenance of the transmission towers typically involves a high pressure water wash and abrasive induced waterblast of the structure to prepare the steel. A new coatings system is then applied that is specific to the environmental conditions of the site. The majority of the towers also require some steel replacement and mechanical maintenance.

To ensure that staff are highly skilled in their respective tasks, the division has specific crews responsible for each step in the tower maintenance process. Performance in quality, safety and environmental management is critical to the division’s success.

This commitment is reflected in the internal appointment of a dedicated Compliance Officer who has been with the division for 15 years. He is responsible for auditing each work site to ensure that all aspects of QHSE management are met and any nonconformances are identified and dealt with promptly and efficiently. In addition to this, the division also has five qualified ACA Coatings Inspectors to ensure that quality is built in to every aspect of the maintenance work.

Early on the company recognised that the transmission tower painting environment was high risk and significantly different from other height and surface preparation industries. The division’s ability to be adaptable and innovative has been the key to its success in the industry.

A number of innovations have been introduced in an effort to overcome specific health and safety challenges and to consistently push the bar
in terms of industry best practice. This has included the design and development of purpose built plant, equipment and protective clothing specific to tower maintenance.

Another major challenge for the industry is the need to work on private property where strict resource consent conditions apply. The division has a highly skilled and experienced Operations Manager who is responsible for planning all aspects of the job prior to commencement. This includes determining access routes to the tower, site set up of all plant and equipment, generation of a site specific environmental plan and engaging with landowners/occupiers to ensure that they are kept informed throughout the duration of the contract.

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