• West Wind Turbine Maintenance Project

  • West Wind Turbine Maintenance Project

  • West Wind Turbine Maintenance Project


Makara, Wellington


4 years to date




Meridian Energy Ltd

The Project

The West Wind Project in Wellington, first began in 2014 when TBS was selected by Siemens Wind Power (WP) to assist with paint repairs prior to the end of warranty handover.

TBS has now become Meridian’s preferred supplier for Paint remediation and specialist rope access tasks across their wind assets. The work predominantly involves coating repairs to the 68m high towers and inside and outside of the nacelle structure.

The main challenges have been and continue to be resourcing, safety management, weather and paint specification surface preparation.

In order to meet Meridian’s requirement to the expenditure of the project, TBS committed to establishing a permanent local work force. These (IRATA) Rope Access technicians possess a high level of trade painting experience as well as blade repair capability.

Rope access can be perceived to be a high risk activity, however TBS has shown that when the risks are managed correctly and the work carefully planned, then rope access offers the best solution for working at height on the wind farm.

TBS’ wind farm rope access technicians are trained to the highest international standard (IRATA) and to exceed this standard TBS regularly holds training days for techs to practice rescue scenarios.

When planning each task the team are involved in the risk management process and establishment of a safe systems of work. TBS are also fully integrated into Meridian’s safety culture and are continuously involved in this.

The ever-changing weather conditions and Wellington’s infamous wind profile dramatically impact the productivity of the coating repairs. Our teams work efficiently when weather allows and are able to manipulate the internal environment to carry out paint repairs in inclement weather. Advising Meridian to change the paint specificaton to expand the temperature range has increased productivity and TBS continually trials different surface preparation techniques.

TBS technicians are responsible for taking control of the turbines, and carrying out isolations so work can be performed safely.

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