Commercial Building Services, Strip outs and Demolition

TBS is a leading contractor specialising in commercial building and maintenance services to a range of clients around New Zealand

Strip-outs & Demolition Services

TBS is a leading demolition contractor specialising in labour intensive demolition projects. These range from multi-storey buildings to small penetrations and openings in existing structures. Our demolition supervisors are very experience in the building industry, allowing us to “deconstruct” buildings and interiors where retention of existing structures and/or features is necessary.

In addition to pure demolition, our skilled crews also carry out a wide variety of strip outs, alterations and remedial concrete work to both new and existing buildings.

Bin services

Our demolition and labour hire services are supported by an in-house bin service. We provide a range of bin sizes suitable for every construction site, for general rubbish and hard fill, and a fleet of specialised hook trucks – we can also provide the labour to fill the bins for you!