General Engineering Services

We develop unique and innovative engineering solutions to aid in the access or delivery of any project we are involved in.

We pride ourselves on our record of innovation – developing unique engineering solutions to aid in the access and/or delivery of complex and difficult projects.

Our management team consists of a number qualified and experienced Engineers who have the capability to plan and execute complex jobs.

These engineering expertise also allow us to develop bespoke concept designs and methods of access and containment in the hazardous and difficult to access environments we are often involved in.

As evidence of this we have completed maintenance and service engineering in confined spaces such as the Vector Tunnel, carried out a total rebuild of sections of a pre-sedimentation waste water treatment plant and designed a mobile gantry and containment system for the Tom Ugly’s Bridge in Sydney.

We also design and build our own specialist plant and equipment which has provided significant improvements in productivity as well as health and safety performance. This has included purpose built blast guns, protective clothing and equipment and the modification of standard items of plant for enhanced usability and safety.